Monday Nov. 30      8 AM

Tuesday:  Sunny. Highs mid 50s.

Wednesday. Sunny.  Cold start with lows low 40s. Highs mid 60s.

Thursday.Mostly Cloudy . Warmer. Decent chance of morning showers (60%)that should begin before daybreak.  Afternoon may feature a break in the showers, then another chance in the evening and overnight hours.  Lows mid 50s.  Highs mid 60s.

Friday:  Maybe a few sprinkles at daybreak, then Clearing.  Cooler. Lows upper 40s. Highs mid 50s.

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday: Mostly sunny.  Lows mid 40s.  Highs upper 50s.

 For information on any winter weather impacting the South, visit  my “Storms” Page by clicking here.



  1. Helen Doucet

    Do you still thing it may jog more east as it intensifies? We have a flight scheduled out of New Orleans Thurs. morning. What are the odds of that happening?


    Thirty miles one way of the other is all we are talking about at this stage — yes it will make a difference in terms of impact, but no it’s not predictable. That’s the nature of hurricanes – you only get one storm for every four you take action on. Today is the time to act. Plan for the worse case scenario – hurricane force winds and the impact of 6″ or so of rain. If you wait to prepare until tomorrow, it will be to late. Concerning Thursday, the weather will certainly be fine to fly by Wednesday. The problem may be power at the airport and water on the roads. Can’t help you much with that – if you can delay your trip, I’d wait to see what materializes tomorrow and then call the airlines/hotels to postpone.

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