Sat. Oct. 31 8 AM

Saturday:  Sunny.   Highs low 70s.

Sunday: Sunny.  Lows low-mid 50s. Highs mid 70s.

Monday  :  Sunny. More like late fall! Lows low-mid 40s. Highs mid 60s.

Tuesday:  Sunny. Cold start. Lows 39-44.  Highs. near 70.

Wednesday: Sunny.  Lows: upper 40s. Highs low-mid 70s.

Sunny weather should persist through next Friday with temps. moderating to lows in 50s, highs upper 70s

For information on the tropics, visit  my “Storms” Page by clicking here.





  1. Dave G

    This is a test


    This is a reply

  3. Sharon Bouche

    Let others know they can also make comments via FB. Otherwise, they may not realize it. Just a suggestion.


    Absolutely. I just got this feature working a few hours ago – later this afternoon I will do an interesting FB post on this feature.

  5. Sharon Bouche

    Thanks, very helpful to plan my week.

  6. Sharon

    Ugh! Lots of rainy days back to back. But I guess we should count our blessings. Thanks for the updates!


    Sharon: Unusual to see such an extended period of dreary weather with persistent cloud cover and showers in late July. Normal summer should return by Thursday.

  8. Sharon

    Weather looking a little better. At least some sunny days ahead!


    Yes — a few day break in the rain. Have you noticed that we’ve seen few days featuring the normal, popup 30-40% chance of showers. There have been more deluge days and dry ones. That speaks of organized systems in the tropics – not a good sign.

  10. Sharon

    We definitely do not need a hurricane here!


    Isaias is not a threat here.

  12. Sharon

    Last week lots of rainy days and this week hot, hot, hot! Let’s keep any hurricanes away! I don’t see any other people commenting here.
    Can you tell if they are using your new website? Just curious.


    Sharon: One nice thing about this week: The humidity will be a bit lower, especially on Wednesday and Thursday. Morning lows down into the upper 60s up at your cabin those days – but hot by afternoon. Yes, this is one of those summers where you get rainy spells, then dry days, and not as many 30-40% chance of scattered afternoon storm days. Years with a lot of hurricanes tend to be that way. I’ve had a few others leave comments.

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