Wednesday  Jan. 20   9 AM

Wednesday: Partly sunny.  Highs upper 60s.

Thursday: Partly sunny.  50-50 shower chance after dark. Lows low 50’s. Highs upper 60s.

Friday:  Cloudy. Showers. Lows near 60. Highs upper 60s.

Saturday:  Partly Sunny.  Risk of a morning shower. Lows low 50s. Highs low 60s.

Sunday:  Partly sunny. Slim risk of a late afternoon shower. Lows low 50s. Highs mid 60s.

Monday: Cloudy. Chance of showers.  Lows low 60s. Highs low 70s.

For information on the tropics, visit  my “Storms” Page by clicking here.



  1. Stacey

    Hope it’s not too soggy this weekend!


    5-day forecasts are a challenge this time of year with small systems — I routinely go 7-10 days in the winter. Saturday looks wet. Too early to say anything about Sunday – depends on tropical system approaching the Gulf.

  3. Stacey Jenkins Hunt

    are we talking all day soggy or passing showers? Thurs-Sat


    Sorry I didn’t reply earlier. Several shower or thunderstorm periods each day with more clouds than sun. Not a total wash out, but more time shopping or in the condo than I’d want…

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