Sat. Oct. 31    10 AM


Satuday: Sunny. Pleasant. Highs low 70s.

Sunday: Sunny. Lows upper 50s. Highs mid 70s.

Monday: Sunny. WIndy and almost cold. Lows mid to upper 40s. Highs mid 60s.

Tuesday: Sunny. Lows upper 40s.  Highs near 70.

Wed:  Sunny.  Low low 50s.  Highs low 70s.

Sunny through Friday with temperatures warming to lows near 60.  Highs upper 70s

For information on the tropics, visit  my “Storms” Page by clicking here.



  1. Stacey

    Hope it’s not too soggy this weekend!


    5-day forecasts are a challenge this time of year with small systems — I routinely go 7-10 days in the winter. Saturday looks wet. Too early to say anything about Sunday – depends on tropical system approaching the Gulf.

  3. Stacey Jenkins Hunt

    are we talking all day soggy or passing showers? Thurs-Sat


    Sorry I didn’t reply earlier. Several shower or thunderstorm periods each day with more clouds than sun. Not a total wash out, but more time shopping or in the condo than I’d want…

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