Hello! I’m David Gilhousen and I help New Orleans area residents and visitors to plan their week by providing them with fantastic weather forecasts without the fluff and hype.

Do you have a need to keep up with the weather, but sometimes get confused by all the warnings and words?

I can understand.  Hundreds of my Facebook followers have shared their confusion and have fallen in love with my no-nonsense take on the local weather.  As a retired National Weather Service meteorologist, I, too, am ASTOUNDED at the degree of OVER-WARNING and needless words. That’s why I decided to expand my services by creating this blog.

How do these forecasts help? I specialize in 2-7 day forecasts and sometimes venture beyond if I think I can peer farther into the future.   Countless friends have commented on how they have helped plan their outdoor wedding, golf games, camping trips, construction projects, and garden watering based on my forecasts.  Any outdoor activity can benefit!

However, there are a few things I can’t do for you:

  •   For severe thunderstorm, tornado, and flash flood warnings, please use a phone app or NOAA Weather Radio to get official National Weather Service alerts.  They monitor conditions 24×7 since I don’t have a doppler radar glued to my skull.
  •    I also won’t tell you whether you personally need to evacuate your house in front of a hurricane.  Follow your local emergency management, though I will provide you with plenty of guidance before that point so you can make your own intelligent decision.

What are my qualifications?   I had a 30-year career in the National Weather Service where I specialized in numerical and statistical weather forecasting plus marine weather measurements. More specifically, I’ve

  • Written many scientific papers on weather,
  • Co-authored a college, earth science text,
  • Developed a model tornado for education,
  • Taught high school science and intro. college statistics, and 
  • Teach meteorology on-line for Liberty University.

I have a B.S. in meteorology from Penn State and an M.S. from Florida State.  Several of my professors developed ground-breaking forecast methods in the 1970’s.  Plus, I also watched a lot of great college football!

How do I make my forecasts?  Sorry, Nash Roberts, I don’t use a grease pencil.  I rely heavily on numerical prediction models run by the National Weather Service, Environment Canada, and the European Centre for Medium Range Forecasting.  Yes, you will see all sorts of video bloggers using them, but I’ve used models since the early 1970s and know their strengths and limitations.  Many amateurs misinterpret their output.

What do I do for fun? I love to travel to unspoiled places, mainly in and around North America.  I write a travel blog where most of the photos used are mine.  Plus I help my friends book vacations to these places. Check it out!